As individuals, we all have our own beliefs, opinions, and ideas about how our society should function. And every day, we bear witness to various events and circumstances that could do better with improvement. We could either sit back and watch, or we could take an active role and make a difference. A key way to make that change is by joining a political party.

What is a political party?

A political party is an organization that seeks to achieve its goals through the election of its members to public office. Typically, a party will have a specific platform or set of beliefs that it advocates and debates with opponents. Parties are made up of people who share these common policies and ideals, and they operate through a democratic process – members vote for leaders and policies.

The power of collective action

Being a part of a political party gives you access to a collective effort working towards a shared goal. Alone, it can be challenging for one person to bring about real change in society. By joining a political party, you become part of a group where you can leverage the collective experience, knowledge, and resources that come from being part of a larger network.

Making your voice heard

As a member of a political party, your voice and opinions carry more weight in the public arena. Politicians and decision-makers will be more eager to listen to the views of a unified group than the lone voice of an individual. By banding together with like-minded people in a political party, you gain a louder and more impactful voice that can make meaningful change.

Learning and development opportunities

Political parties provide a wealth of opportunities for members to learn and develop their skills. A wide range of training and development programs may be offered, providing you with the chance to develop your leadership, public speaking, and negotiating skills. Political parties also provide the opportunity to learn about processes and policies, deepening your understanding of how government and democracy work.


Joining a political party can be useful for making valuable contacts that help you in achieving your goals. Networking within the party can help you find allies, seek out mentors and sponsors, and provide a platform to meet like-minded individuals who share your interests and ambitions.

Directly involved in decision-making

As a member of a political party, you have the chance to influence the direction of the party’s policies and manifesto by voting in meetings and ensuring that the chosen leaders reflect your views. The party is then accountable to its members making it easier to make a real difference to the community.

Showing support for candidates

One of the most direct ways of making a difference in your community is to get involved with campaigns and support candidates who reflect your values. Political parties provide you with the opportunity to support those who represent your ideals and will eventually make the decisions that affect your community.

Becoming a representative

If you want to make a genuine difference in your community, becoming a representative of a political party is one of the most effective ways to do this. A representative is an elected official or candidate for an office, and they serve their constituents and work towards making a real difference. Representatives of political parties have a few extra tools at their disposal, such as a party platform, established support from colleagues and donors, and established policies on how to address issues.

Advice to get involved and make a difference

If you are looking to make a real difference in your community, getting involved with a political party can be one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Research the parties

Spend some time researching the political parties that align with your beliefs and opinions on issues. What policies and values do they champion, and what impact have they had? This way, you will follow organizations that align with your beliefs, and hence, you would thrive in actively engaging with their policies.

Attend meetings and events

Once you have identified the party or parties that appeal to you, attend their meetings, talks, or rallies to gain a better understanding of the issues and to connect with party members. This way, you would learn about the parties’ structures, the leadership, and what they do to improve the community.


Volunteering for a campaign or a local candidate is a great way of getting started and making a real difference in your community. Volunteering introduces you to the grassroots, and some of your most memorable experiences would arise from volunteering to a local charity organization with principles that resonate with your beliefs.

Become an elected official

Running for office can be a daunting experience, but it is a practical way to make a real difference in your community. By seeking out elected positions in your city or municipality, you can have a direct impact and shape policy decisions that affect the community.


Joining a political party is an effective way of making a real difference in your community. Being part of a collective effort, leveraging a powerful shared agenda, and making your voice heard can have a tremendous impact on decisions that shape your community. Additionally, political parties offer exciting learning and networking opportunities, and provide a platform for you to have a direct impact on the issues that matter to you. By following the advice provided, you can make a real difference in your community and thrive in these efforts.